Grade C & D (1.30)

Prize Fund: €500

Bank of Scotland

Equal Firsts:

Tim Beecher (owner) Loughnatousa Lenord, Tadhg Beecher (rider)

Ronan Tynan (owner) Warrenstown You 2, Tholm Keane (rider)

Mary Allen (owner) Cissbury Diamond, Anne Marie Allen (rider)

Richard Moloney (owner) Oferro, Richie Moloney (rider)

Frank Glynn (owner) Killossery Kryisette, Dominic O’Halloran (rider)

Ronan Tynan (owner) Krafty Jack, Tholm Keane (rdier)

Edward Junior Doyle (owner) Interlude II, Edward Doyle (rider)

Tim Beecher (owner) Loughnatousa Silver Touch, Tadgh Beecher (rider)

Phyl O’Halloran (owner) Jalouise Louvo, Dominic O’Halloran (rider)

Carmel Ryan (owner) Carmena Z, Seamus Hayes (rider)


Irish Horse Board Final for 5 year old(1.45)

Prize Fund: €5,000

1st – Ronnie Hollinger (owner) Creevagh Miss Jones, Delyth Collins (rider)

2nd -Patrick Ronayne (owner) Coolbeg Carrig, Tadgh Beecher (rider)

3rd – Thomas Byrne (owner) Pay Attention, Richie Moloney (rider)

4th – Knightfield Equestrian (owner) Ladlay, Catriona Fallon (rider)

5th – Lindy Courtney (owner) H Two, Linda Courtney (rider)

6th – Philip Shannon (owner) Skehana Duchess, Thomas Byrne (rider)


Grand Prix and Super League A & B (1.40)

Prize Fund: €4,500

Morris Oil , Fiddown

1st – Knightfield Equestrian (owner) Conduct, Conor Swail (rider)

2nd -Michael Quirke (owner) Teulada, Neal fearon (rider)

3rd – Norman Allen (owner) Alaska, Conor Swail (rider)

4th – Knightfield Connor Swail (owner) Rivaal, Conor Swail (rider)

5th – OPN Group L C (owner), Utopia, Edward Doyle (rider)

6th – James Phelan (owner) Killannen Brigade, Gemma Phelan (rider)


Irish Horse Board Final for 6-7 year old

Prize Fund: €5,000

1st -Irish Bearings Ltd. and Lucy (owner) Cavalier Andy, Lucy Buchanan (rider)

2nd -Michael Duignan (owner) Starboard, Richard Kerins (rider)

3rd – Ronan Tynen (owner) Warrenstown Well Aware, Tholm Keane (rider)

4th – Frank O’Keeffe (owner) Kimberlite, Robert Splaine (rider)

5th – Alice Kehoe (owner) Westwinds Cirracruise, Francis Connors (rider)

6th – Melanie Davidson (owner) Dunkineely, Michael Cave (rider)


128 A & B (1.05)

Prize Fund: €400

Bank of Ireland , Carrick-on-Suir.

1st – Joanne O’Dwyer (owner) Woodlouse, Emma O’Dwyer (rider)

2nd -Michael Foley (owner) Muskerry Crusader, Tom Foley (rider)

3rd – Joanne O’Dwyer (owner) Kingsland Bluebell, Emma O’Dwyer (rider)

4th – Michael McDonagh (owner) Rock D J, Emma O’Dwyer (rider)

5th – James Weldon (owner) Desiderate, Welsey Byrne (rider)

6th – Lawrence Costello (owner) Go for Miles, Eleanor Costelloe (rider)


138 A & B (1.15 )

Prize Fund: €250

Ray Anthony & Co ., Carrick-on-Suir.

1st – George Mullins (owner) Pulp Panic, David Kealy (rider)

2nd -James Weldon (owner) Little Toby, Vincent Byrne (rider)

3rd – Lawrence Costello (owner) Borris Ginger, Michael Costello (rider)

4th – Margaret Mullins (owner) Class Action, Daniel Mullins (rider)

5th – Elizabeth Van Amerongen (owner) Rosie Duncan, Peig Van Amerongen (rider)

6th – Desmond Fitzgerald (owner) Hopala, Emma O’Dwyer (rdier)


148 B & C (1.20)

Prize Fund: €400

P. Coughlan, Chemist , Carrick-on-Suir.

1st – Ann M. Butler (owner) Kilshane Bluebell, Leanne Butler (rider)

2nd -Ann M. butler (owner) Glencar April Love, Leanne Butler (rider)

3rd – Helen Connors (owner) Yakuboo, Jenny Connors (rider)

4th – James Foran (owner) Killcommin Bay, Margaret Foran (rider)

5th – Sean Haire (owner) Miss Ennis, Lauren haire (rider)

Equal 6th:

Mary Kehoe (owner) The Real Deal, Vincent Byrne

Deirdre Bowler (owner) Katey’s Gem, Michael Bowler (rider)


148 A & B (1.25)

Prize Fund: €600

Granville Hotel, Waterford . & Kedrah House Stud

1st – P.J. Goggins (owner) Furtado, Shane Goggins (rider)

2nd -Conor Breen (owner) Mr. Bozz, Shane Goggins (rider)

3rd – Ruth McIntyre (owner) Millennium Flight, Mili McIntyre (rider)

4th – Ruth McIntyre (owner) Lonesome Dove, Mili McIntyre (rider)

5th – Annette Brennan (owner) Callas Princess, Jennie Brennan (rider)

6th – Joanne O’Dwyer (owner) Scarlet H, Emma O’Dwyer (rider)


148 A & B (1.10)

Prize Fund: €250

Equal Firsts:

Miriam Butler (owner) Golden Hop, Miriam Butler (rider)

Mary Doyle (owner) Miss Maggie, Shannon Doyle (rider)

Linzi Johnston (owner) Remomery, Ger O’Neill (rider)

James Phelan (owner) Hill Tops Golden, Killian Dunne

Nora Drennan (owner) Gods Gift, Gemma Drennan

Jim Frain (owner) Castlecourt Princess, Paddy O’Donnell (rider)

Nuala Prendergast (owner) Woodend Garfield, Damien Doyle (rider)

Marion Hughes (owner) Dorethy May, Gaberaz Bejer Bayer (rider)

Martin O’Brien (owner) Spear, Damien Doyle (rider)

Patricia Dunphy (owner) Ballydurn Kia, Nora Dunphy (rider)

Jerry Lenihan (owner) Lislan Sensation, Francis Connors (rider)

Leo Brennan (owner) Lowhill Sheadeen, Killian Dunne (rider)

Lorcan D’arcy (owner) Miss Fernhill, Carol Gee (rider)

Michael Mythen (owner) Rapid Raimondo, Mark O’Sullivan (rider)

Carol Gee (owner) Fernhill Surprise, Sophie Richards (rider)

Emma Ponsonby (owner) Ishd Allegro, Emma Ponsonby (rider)


Newcomers 0/15 (0.90) American Style.

Prize Fund: €130

Suir Electrical Contractors, Mooncoin.

Equal Firsts:-

Marion Hughes (owner) Dorethy May, Camilla (rider)

Thomas Hughes (owner) HHS Casablance, Marion Hughes (rider)

Emily Cunningham (owner) Lucky Aim, Paddy O’Donnell (rider)

Ann Hughes (owner) HHS Royale, Camilla (rider)

Marion Hughes (owner) HHS 007, Marion Hughes (rider)

Ann Hughes (owner) HHS Cheiro, Camilla (rider)

Claire Brady (owner) Vintage Cruise, Mark O’Sullivan (rider)

Patrick Kearns (owner) Royal Gent, Olivia Forristal (rider)

Mark Kennedy (owner) OBOS Taire Away, Mark Kennedy (rider)

Lorcan Darcy (owner) The Little Russian, Mark O’Sullivan (rider)

Michael Mythen (owner) Rapid Raimonde, Michael Myteon (rider)

Gina O’Brien (owner) Ringtone, Francis Connors (rider)

Helen Ryan (owner) Caragh Star, HelenRryan (rider)

John Brennan (owner) Over The Lake, Mairead Brennan (rider)

Ann Costello (owner) Silver Echo, Jenny Costello (rider)

Aileen Quinn (owner) Red Crystal, Helen Quinn (rider)


Amateur Handicap (A 1.00 AA 1.10).

Waterford Crystal .

1st -Ann Foran (owner) Hunters Hero, Ann Foran (rider)

2nd -Patrick Dunphy (owner) Ballydurn Kia, Nora Dunphy (rider)

3rd – Kieran McCarthy (owner) Navilluso Halanta, Kieran McCarthy (rider)

4th – Joseph Widger (owner) Lough Tac Emily Jane Widger (rider)

5th – Ann Marie Martin (owner) Coolatin Paddy, Ann Marie Martin (rider)

6th – Joseph Widger (owner) Water Boy, Emily Jane Widger (rider)


138 B & C (1.05)

Prize Fund: €130


1st – Catherine Kiely (owner) Strapped for Cash, Paul Kiely (rider)

2nd -Catherine Kiely (owner) Glenavadra Percy, Paul Kierly (rider


148 C & D (1.05)

Prize Fund: €130

Morris Oil, Fiddown

Equal Firsts:

Ann M. Butler (owner) Brookhaven Boy, Leanne Butler (rider)

Kay Bowe (owner) Mr. Scoot, Brigid Bowe (rider)

Frank O’Brien (owner) Killure Prince, Stephen O’Brien (rider)

Yvonne Kinsella (owner) Carpe Diem, Rebecca Kinsella (rider)

Ann M. O’Brien (owner) Ballybur Lincourt, Jake O’Brien (rider)

Ann M. O’Brien (owner) Carriganog Storm, Joseph O’Brien (rider)

Ann M. O’Brien (owner) Carriganog Rince, Joseph O’Brien (rider)

Ann M. Butler (owner) Kilshane Bluebell, Jaiman Butler (rider)

Marian Martin (owner) Coolnaleen Misty, John Martin (rider)

Deirdre Bowler (owner) Gold Digger, Michael Bowler (rider)

Barra Sweetman (owner) Little Alpha, Micheal Moloney (rider)




138 C & D (0.95)

Prize Fund: €130

Kent Quarries – Noel Kent .

Equal Firsts:

Ann M. O’Brien (owner) Jennys Star, Ana O’Brien (rider)

Kim John (owner) Bawn Delight, John Morgan (rider)

Peter Vaughan (owner) Bailey Breeze, Olivia Vaughan (rider)


128 C & D (0.80)

Prize Fund: €130

Tom Carroll, Ballybricken

Equal Firsts:

Ursual Byrne (owner) Mega Mottle, Jenny Byrne (rider)

Carmel King (owner) Pride Apache, Tom Foley (rider)

Gillian Connors (owner) Bobby Socks, Thomas Foran (rider)

Julie Pratt (owner) Who’s Smart, Oliver Giles (rider)

Caroline Amundson Carey (owner) Capagh Knight, Philip Carey (rider)

Ann Foran (owner) Sir Hamlet of Kenmare, Thomas Foran (rider)


Ponies Newcomers

Prizes: Rosettes.

Equal Firsts:

Julie Pratt (owner) Who’s Little Wizard, Oliver Giles (rider)

Peter Vaughan (owner) Bailey Breeze, Olivia Vaughan (rider)

Kay Bowe (owner) Nutty Butty, Anna Bowe (rider)

Marion Hughes (owner) Ballybur Oh Jessie, David Mullins (rider)

B. and A. M. McSorley (owner) Roman Knight, Brendan McSorley (rider)

Helen Mullins (owner) Jessies Pal, Katie Mullins (rider)

B. and A. M. McSorley (owner) Caspers Way, Joanne McSorley (rider)

Julie Pratt (owner) Who’s Otto, Dearbhla Moloney (rider)

Corrina O’Rourke (owner) Mystic Pearl, Clodagh O’Rourke


Local Newcomers (covered by show insurance)

Prizes: Rosettes.

Rossettes and congratulations to all participants


Tiny Tots (covered by show insurance)

Prizes: Rosettes.

Rossettes and congratulations to all participants