One of the aims of the Iverk Show is to encourage young people to get involved. And the 2019 show on August 24th is proof of its success as young people have been involved since the first show in 1826.

This year about 10% of the total prize fund of over €90,000 goes to special classes for young people. That of course does not stop you entering adult classes

Competitions for schools at Iverk Show go back at least 145 years. The Irish Times of October 4, 1871 reports the following result

“To the boy, attending the National School at Boolyglass, who, shall grow in the school garden the best crop of mangolds, turnips, parsnips, carrots, onions, and cabbage (not less than six competitors). First prize of 5s shillings to G Roche; second, Thomas Roche.

To the boy attending the National School at Clonmore, ditto; first prize of 5 shillings to Austin Walsh; second Nicholas Walsh.

To the boy attending the National School at Whitechurch, ditto; first prize of 5 shillings to Charles Maher; second, Martin Merry.”

There are classes for young people in all the different sections. In the cattle section the Aldi, ABP, Irish Angus Young Stockperson of the Year carries a prize fund of €2,000

In the Arts and Crafts there are 52 different classes for primary and secondary school pupils from drawing to metal work and fabric work. The post primary schools compete for the Munster Express perpetual trophy and €200 to the winning school.

There are classes in the flower arranging, photography, baking, poultry, dog and pony sections. There are two classes in flower arranging for you if you are 15 and under. Can you design a miniature garden or what can you create from garden plant material as ‘all creatures great and small’?

There are seven classes in the junior baking section. Can you produce three decorated gingerbread men or four chocolate muffins or a home-made apple tart? Why not give it a lash!

There are two photography classes. For primary school pupils the theme is ‘my favourite toy’ and it is an open theme for secondary school students. Everyone has a phone with a camera so get clicking – no excuses!

If you are a bony baby make sure your parents bring you along as every bay receives a prize.

So parents, we urge you to visit our website and check out all the competitions for young people –