Iverk Show is delighted to welcome two new competition finals to the horse section of the show on the 25th August.  They are the All Ireland Thoroughbred Horse Working Hunter final and the Kerry Bog Pony brood mare final.

Over the years there have been show classes for thoroughbred horses at Iverk. In fact, as far back as 1964, two premiums valued £25 each, were given by the Irish National Stud for thoroughbred mares. They were awarded to Mr. W. J. Pilsworth, Thomastown and to Mr. Tom Walsh, Mullinavat.

The Thoroughbred final carries a prize fund of €3,000 with €1,000 going to the winner. It is sponsored by Horserail and is run in association with Racehorse to Riding Horse Ireland.

Entries are confined to thoroughbred horses registered with Weathersby’s or similar racing authority. They maybe raced or unraced and four years old or over. Riders must be 16 years of age or older.

The final will be over a course of twelve 90cm fences. Full details can be found on the Iverk Show website www.iverkshow.ie or on the Irish Shows Association website.

The second new final is the Kerry Bog Pony Society’s mare championship. This certainly is the very first time Iverk has had classes for these ponies.

The Kerry Bog Pony is a small sturdy Native Breed that Originating in South Kerry but is now found in small numbers all around Ireland.

The Kerry Bog Pony has an intelligent head, strong neck set into rounded shoulder with a compact body. It stands approximately 102 – 117cms high for stallions and 102 – 112 for mares. It comes in a variety of whole colours with chestnut and bay being very common. It is an extremely hardy pony.

This rare breed is an ideal family pony, full of character and fun.  Generations of use on small farms have produced a pony of calm temperament, willing and able to perform in a wide number of disciplines.

The Kerry Bog Pony is ideal for lead rein and first ridden classes and can take a competent child jumping and cross country where they are surefooted and careful.  They also make excellent driving ponies.

The aim of Kerry Bog Pony Mare Championship is to continue to increase the popularity of the breed and identify the best mares available. With a prize fund of €1,000 there will be reward for all mares competing in the final

Entries are confined to class 1 mares two years old and upwards. The qualifying shows are Ballivor, Ballyvourney, Blennerville, Cork, Glencar, Kilmacanogue, West Kerry Show.