The absence of a show for the past two years gave the committee the opportunity to do some landscaping of our show ground.

As well as tidying up the permitter fencing, we planted some 900 whitethorn plants, 25 hollies and a mixture of 38 other trees.

The Irish Oak tree that we planted in August 2020 to mark the occasion of the first cancellation due to Covid is doing very well.

The committee have always been environmentally friendly orientated and have planted some wild flower seeds this year.

Work is continuing to surge ahead getting the show field ready for the 27th August. The new wall mural at the entrance to the show grounds is looking fantastic and is already being admired by passers-by.

If you have a few hours to spare and would like to get involved in the Iverk Show please contact or phone 051 644621.

I can guarantee it you will not regret it. The fun, craic and friendship are fantastic.