While researching the history of the Iverk Show we came across the following poem in the 4th September 1959 edition of the Munster Express. We think it is worth sharing with you.

By the way there are classes for poetry at this year’s show for primary and post primary pupils. Check out our online prize list for all the details. You never know you might get it published.

We do need your help as we are not sure who the author Jim Hayes from Kildalton was. Can you help?

Here is his poem

Trotting to the Show

The great day is approaching, the 10th of September,

Tis amazing how quickly the years come and go.

Twelve months have elapsed if I rightly remember,

Since I drove to Piltown to the great Iverk Show.

I shall never forget speeding down through Glen Bower,

All the youths dashing out to admire me pass.

I was doing at least ten miles to the hour,

With my roundabout gig and my little brown ass.

Twas soon I was rounding the corner at Carrick

Up the Monastery hill and along the Pill Row,

I never drew rein ‘till I reached the Guards Barracks.

There I joined with the queue on the way to the Show.

Next Thursday’s exhibits I hear they’ll be smashing.

But I’ll see for myself, let it hail, rain or snow.

The hay is all home and I finished my threshing,

Faith tis me that’s all set for a day at the Show.

A new route I must take for at Owning I’m halting,

Tis there I arranged to collect my two mates,

And as this year’s great Show will be held in Kildalton,

The shortest way there will be by the Grand Gates.

The records can tell since this Show was first started

Next Thursday’s event will be six score and one.

Ah, how many gay souls in that time have departed,

That oft tripped round Iverk and took part in the fun.

Now the time it is brief, so I’d best start preparing.

I must brush my grey hat and press my black bow.

My nice suit of blue and white shirt I’ll be wearing,

You’ll se no greater dandy that day at the Show.