Another section of the Iverk Show that is a must visit is the poultry marquee. With over 40 classes you will be amazed at the variety of different breeds on show.

The colours, the smell and the noise themselves are worth experiencing never mind admiring all the beautiful birds. The cocks and roosters crow all day as well as in the morning.

There are hard feathered, light soft feathered, heavy soft feathered, true Bantams, waterfowl and Bantam waterfowl breeds on show. If you do not know which is which, please do ask the stewards.

A novel idea is class 41 – the most popular exhibit. This becomes clear during the day as you admire all the exhibits.

The champions of each section will be brought together at the end of the marquee and will receive the championship rosette and reserve.

The overall Champion of the show will receive the prestigious Red Mill Perpetual Shield.

Don’t forget entries close on Friday the 19th August.