Down through the years much as in written and spoken about the Iverk Show. In the Arts and Crafts section there are two classes for poetry for young people.

There is a poetry class for 3rd and 4th class children and one for 5th and 6th class primary school children. The poems should not exceed 20 lines. There is a class for 1st to 3rd year and one for 4th to 6th year post primary students.

After the show last year pupils from 5th and 6th classes at Owning National School wrote poems about their experience of the show. All the poems were brilliant.

The winning poem was written by Kate Farrell. In second was Emma Kendrick, in third place was Amber Pixie Mc Donagh and fourth was Amy Long.

Here is Kate’s poem. Can you beat her?

On the 25th of August the atmosphere is great

Everyone is parking up then trotting through the gate 


As you walk in, some stalls are on the left. 

Buns, cakes, jewelry and all the rest.


The horse show is beginning,                                      

They’re hoping they’ll be winning.


All the latest clothes in the fashion show,                                 

Models walking down the catwalk, and the men want to go!


After all that walking around the show,                               

the hunger will start to kick in!                                   

Get in line for a chip van, and when you’re done              

throw it in the bin.


With all the different ice-cream choices,                             

you don’t know which one to pick                                                                     

a sundae, a tub or a 99,                                                                                            

I just can’t wait to have a lick!


As you make your way around                                                                   

the amusements are waiting for you.                             

Megadance and the ferris wheel                                                        

make sure you go on either of the two.


The day has come to an end,                                                                

 all the goodbyes are said.                                                                 

We’ll do it all again next year.                                                                       

 Let’s all give a big cheer!!!