Have you ever been to the Iverk Show? If you have not then make sure this is your year. It really is an event you will enjoy.

We do know that one of our oldest patrons intends to be there all being well. At almost 97 years young she can vividly remember attending the Iverk Show with her parents as far back as the 1930’s.

At that stage the show was held in the grounds of the Bessborough Estate, known by us today as Kildalton College. And speaking of the college we are so grateful to them for allowing us use their grounds for parking.

And to the other landowners who also very kindly give us permission to use their land we say

thank you a thousand times and more.

We  would also like to thanks most sincerely our sponsors. Big and small you are all important and again we say thank you. You will find the list of sponsors elsewhere on this web site.

So over the next couple of weeks we will be telling you a little more about this the oldest agricultural show in the country.