Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables

With just over two weeks to go to the great return of the Iverk Show on 27th August, now is the time to start selecting the entries you think will win for you.

Carefully go through what you have and select those that are blemish free and looking like they will be at their best on show day. Remember they still have 14 days to grow and develop. Some may even be gone over at that stage.

If you want two or more of the same species, for example, two cabbage, five bramble apples or three hydrangeas then to be in with a chance they must be virtually twins, quads or triplets. The closer they are to be similar the better they look.

Select more than you need to show as lots of things can go wrong between now and then. When you are happy with your selection, mark them in some way as you can remember which you have identified.

Also make sure the dish or container you use to display them is suitable. It must be clean and the right size so that it enhances the look of your exhibit

Finally, don’t forget to enter them on line by the 19th August. If you enter before the 17th you will be automatically entered into ‘Early Online Entry Draw’.