The aim of the Iverk Show when first started in 1826 by the 4th Earl of Bessborough was to encourage everyone involved in food production to up their game and  produce better quality products.

That aim was achieved quickly as it is reported that few people in the Barony of Iverk lost their lives to the famine.

Now in 2017 the committee have the same aims – to encourage everyone involved from ‘Field to Fork’ produce the best they can. When you visit this year’s show you can experience the whole food production chain.

When you enter the show grounds you will see the fruit and vegetable classes. Some of the exhibits are amazing – the length of the carrots and parsnips, the long straight runner beans, the beautiful potatoes and fruit and the perfectly presented peas and marrows. These have been lovingly grown and prepared for the show.

Next you will meet the Shamrock Foods sponsored baking classes. Locally grown fruit has been turned into very tasty jams and mouth watering tarts. The skill of the cooks both young and not so young is a sight to behold.

As you make your way through the trade stands you will come to the cattle and sheep. Here again the very best dairy cows and beef cattle are on display. Producing the highest quality milk and the tenderest meat these animals are a proud example of the quality of produce from Irish farms.

Have you ever seen Saler cattle? This is the first time this breed has been exhibited at Iverk.

Companies like Aldi, ABP, Dawn Meats, Glanbia, Lely and Devenish Nutrition support these classes as they know what you the consumers require and like. And we thank them for that.

Coming back down the show you will see the Connolly’s Red Mills poultry marquee with ‘hard feathered’ and ‘soft feathered’ birds and waterfowl strutting their stuff. You will see some weird and wonderful looking birds!!

Bringing it all together is the new ‘Iverk Show Food Market’. A huge effort has been made to make this area a showpiece and thanks to Glanbia and Kilkenny Leader Partnership we think you will be impressed. This year we are delighted to host the final of the Irish Shows Association’s ‘All Ireland Home Cook Championship’. Using Irish ingredients like what you have just seen, the meals will be prepared and cooked on site by the contestants. The ICA, Flogas / NordMende sponsored competition will be hosted by Chef Adrian.

In our “Global Kitchen” we have cooking demonstrations by local and international chefs and food talks ongoing throughout the day.

There is, of course, a lot more to the Iverk Show. Our Most Appropriately Dressed Lady competition has some super prizes and will be judged by Melanie Morris, Editor-in-chief of Irelands very own Image Magazine. After you have visited the crafts, fashion show and flower arranging you can relax and listen to music while the children play in the free children’s area.

See you on the 26th August in Piltown.