There are eight new cattle classes this year bringing the total number to a record 52.

The Irish Pure Friesian Breeders will have two new classes (i) Pure Friesian cow in milk and (ii) first calved heifer in milk. The total prize fund is €2,000. They are confined to pure Friesians but exhibitors can also enter in other dairy classes because we are an open show.

The beef section will have five new classes – the pedigree and non pedigree Shorthorn heifer and four classes for the Salers. This breed has been included for the first time this year and has a total prize fund of €1,100. The Shorthorn heifer may be up to a maximum weight of 500 kgs with a prize fund of €1,000

Also new will be the Irish Blonde d’Aquitaine National Champion and Reserve National Champion calf of 2017.

The dairy classes at the show range from classes for heifer calves, to pure Friesian cows, to cows with the best udder, to the Maid of Glanbia culminating in the overall dairy champion of the show selected from first and second prize winners.

The dairy classes have a total prize fund of €9,140. In addition, finalists in the 2017 Dairy Champion of the Show are eligible to compete for two perpetual trophies along with an Iverk silver medal. The Maid of Glanbia first prize winner also earns a perpetual trophy

The beef classes cater for all the popular breeds including Shorthorn, Hereford, Belgian Blue, Blonde d Aquitaine, Limousin, Irish Angus, Charolais and the commercial cattle. The top prize winners will be eligible to compete for their respective breed champion of the show.

With a prize fund in excess of €12,500, excluding the Irish Angus classes, it will be of great interest to beef exhibitors countrywide.

Similar to other years, the highlight of the cattle section will be the Irish Angus Society classes. The finals of two all Ireland Irish Angus bull calf classes, selected from 15 regional qualifying shows, will be of major interest to all.

Including four other Irish Angus classes the total Irish Angus prize money to €19,800.

As well as prize money the beef section of the Iverk show will be awarding eight perpetual cups, five sashes and a special rosette to each winner of the different beef classes.

All enquiries to the cattle secretary on 087- 2551789 or 051- 643129 or to the show secretary on 051- 644621.

Full details of all classes can also be found on