Producing the Goodies from the Oven

Converting what is grown in the field or in the garden into fabulous food for our enjoyment and benefit is nothing short of a ‘wonder of the world’

And the Iverk Show have always recognized and rewarded our bakers. Oh, to be a judge who gets to taste many of the exhibits.

That is why we have a total of 30 classes in the baking section, two for primary children, five for post-primary school pupils and 23 for adults. This year the classes are kindly sponsored by Castletown Cox Estate.

There are classes for muffins, scones, gingerbread men, tarts, bread, cakes, jams and much, much more. We even give you the recipes for some of the classes.

Iverk Show is famous for our Iverk Produce ‘Great Cherry Cake’ competition. This class usually has up to 50 entries.

So why not check it all out from our prize list