Everyone of us has a talent of some description. Sometimes we may not know exactly what our own personal creative skill is.

That’s why the Arts and Crafts section at the Iverk Show is such a great opportunity for us to discover that talent for the first time. For young people that skill could develop into something that stay with you for life and gives you great pleasure.

So, we encourage you to check out all the classes on our website www.iverkshow.ie.

There are 22 classes in the adult section. They include soft toys, handmade greeting cards, crochet, knitting, cushion making, seasonal decorations, tapestry, and painting to name a few.

The classes are sponsored by Morris Oil and all have a very generous prize fund.

In the young people’s classes, there is a section for primary children and a section for post primary students. In total there are an amazing 52 classes.

From drawing to hand writing and poetry, decorating masks to knitting, poetry to computer designing, wood work and engineering. Something for everyone.

The post primary schools compete for the Munster Express Perpetual Trophy and €200 to the winning school.

We wish to thank everyone of you for showing us your skills and talent. Unfortunately, there is only one winner in each class on the day. When you visit the Arts and Crafts marquee, you will appreciate the difficult job the judges have – everyone who enters is a winner.