Congratulations. With five days to go we have our first winner already.

Yes, we have a winner for our ‘Early Online Entry’ draw for €100. Very kindly sponsored by ‘Fitness with Emer’ the winner is all the way from Co Cork and her entry is in the poultry section. Emer O’Brien runs her fitness classes locally in the village of Owning and can be seen training around the show field when it is not required by the show.

Congratulations to Alana Flynn. Alana has entries in four classes. They are (i) Heavy Soft Feathered Orpington, (ii) Heavy Soft Feathered Cochin, (iii) Large Waterfowl, female and (iv) the Most Unusual Bird.

We are looking forward to seeing her most unusual bird as the Orpington and Cochin are not your usual farmyard chickens


It is very interesting that when we look back over the history of the Iverk Show that in the 1880s the program contained a marathon race. The Iverk ‘marathon’ was approximately five miles. Maybe we should organise another!!

Well done Alana and the best of luck with your entries.