Four more reasons why you should not dare miss the Iverk Show on Saturday

  1. Educational. There is so much to learn as you go around the show. Don’t be afraid to ask exhibitors, judges or stewards. Everyone is willing to help.
  2. Tug-O-War. If you have some energy left shout on your favorite tug-o-war team . The children will be invited to try when the serious competitions are over.
  3. Entertainment. When you have been around the show and want to relax before going home you can sit and listen to music while the children’s’ play area with the free toy tractors.
  4. Free parking. The good news is that the parking remains free. There will be a special area for disabled parking. The entry fee has not changed even with inflation.

So Piltown, Co Kilkenny is the place to be on Saturday the 27th August. See you there. Don’t miss it again this year.